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Passionate About Inspiring Others

Khadijah Haliru is CEO, K Business Group Inc

Managing a group of brands, one of which is  HANAK Foods. Canada's first bottled Nigerian stew sold in stores across Canada and K Body Blends.

As a creative, she makes organic skincare solutions. She also manages and hosst events under the My Keto world brand.
Khadijah draws from her experiences spent from 18 years in Telecom, Training and Business development. She has volunteered in local crises line center, multicultural festival organizing and TV production.

K Coaching Academy, her coaching school, provides life coaching to all individuals and couples and specializes in turning aspiring entrepreneurs into new business owners.  As an entrepreneur myself, researching, planning, and discovery of new ways, along with her creative juices have led her on a quest to start businesses in a variety of areas.

Khadijah says, "My passion is in seeing any business idea come alive and bloom. Because of my success in over 15 years and with over 200 individual clients who have jump started their dreams, I am poised to bring you meaningful guidance and coaching. I help you move from stagnation to success.

At K Coaching Academy we strive to not only help you get started but to see you succeed. Book us any time and our first consult is always free. Subscribe to day for any coaching event to hoin our coaching program.

  • Certified Professional Coach. CPC

  • Certified Skin Analyst

  • Crises Line Specialist

  • BA Public Administration.

  • DIP. Fitness & Nutrition

  • DIP. Supply Chain Management & Logistics